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About Us

Who are we?

You never know what can happen when you embark in a long camping, hiking, fishing or hunting trip, but it's always a great idea to be prepared. A part of our mission is to stock you up with the best gear available. 

WarmthNest was founded by two good fellows from Copenhagen, Denmark. These two outdoor adventurers enjoy living the off grid lifestyle, like millions of people around the globe that love going on hikes or camping trips as well, but in such scenarios the most unexpected things can happen when you least expect them to happen. Everything started as a thought, about an essential piece of gear that don't take much space in an adventurer backpack. 

Form an idea to a product and this is how the WarmthNest Bivy Bag was born. WarmthNest's true mission is to spread the proper safety knowledge with millions of outdoor enthusiasts that share the same passion! 

How did we become successful?

More than 2000 happy customers within our first year of business! Join us and become one of them!